You can call me Maddie!

Raised a New England girl, I spent most of my life running around New Hampshire, Maine and Boston. Dumb and Dumber and The Office quotes probably make up most of my vocabulary and I definitely want to pet your dog.

So Into: magic, Disney, Harry Potter, dogs, Weird Al, The Office, All Dressed chips, falling snow, tiki bars, glitter

Not Into: Bananas, hair ties, whistling.

Photo by Gabe Conover

My artistic friend Kim loves the way you pose people
— My mom


My guy and I packed up the truck a few years ago and drove across the country to make San Diego our home. Boston will always be in our hearts, but now I live an hour from Disneyland and can get good tacos anywhere! I guess the San Diego weather is fine too.

Birdie, or Pretty Bird, is our white french bulldog shitzu mix. A french bullshitz if you will. CJ is our little brown trash puppy. We found her in an ally and have no idea what she is!

Knows where all the food is.
— Birdie and Cj


Why weddings?

I’m constantly blown away by the way people look at the ones they love. The moments right after walking down the aisle and being swarmed with hugs. Tissues kept handy and picture frames of absent loved ones. Belly laughs and holding hands. Dogs in tuxes!

When I’m not hanging with cuties in love, you can usually find me dragging Pete around Disneyland, singing Weird Al at my dogs or on the hunt for the perfect pink leather jacket with fringe.

I was absolutely terrified of getting engagement pictures done with my fiancé, because I have a tendency to ruin all pictures, but working with Maddie was the most incredible experience! She has such a bubbly attitude and really knows how to make everything fun and stress free. The guidance she gives to you to make your pictures unforgettable is so perfect that you don’t feel like there’s a camera on you. She made everything flow natural and just an all around amazing service. Thank you so much again Maddie!
— Matty and Nydia