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Gloria & Javaad | Paradise Falls Wedding, Oceanside, CA

Gloria & Javaad | Paradise Falls Wedding, Oceanside, CA

While these two were married spiritually months before in a private ceremony, they held a wedding and celebration for their close friends and family at Paradise Falls in Oceanside, CA

Jacky and Chris | Wintery Massachusetts Engagement Shoot

Jacky and Chris | Wintery Massachusetts Engagement Shoot

Being a wedding photographer means you're intimately a part of someone's big day and usually by the end of the day I find myself as part of the family.

An enchanting evening in the Arboretum

The way Sheila puts it, her and Mike met when she "looked like a total bag lady". She was mid travel and waiting under a tree with all her things when Mike came by and spotted her. I doubt that any amount of luggage could hide Sheila's big baby blues and the two have pretty much been together ever since! 

They moved up to Mass from Texas. We met up this winter to take some photos in the snow. It was obviously freezing but I had such a great time shooting with them. Since we no longer have 6 feet of snow, I asked if they wanted to meet up again to shoot and they were both totally up for it! Mike and Sheila are so sweet together and we ended up getting the dreamiest light for our session. Sheila's leg was almost chewed off by bugs right at the beginning of our shoot, but she seems to be able to always take a stunning photo, regardless of conditions! Both Mike and Sheila are musicians, so keep your ears peeled for them!

Victoria's Champagne Brunch Tea Party Bridal Shower

When a coworker mentioned that she was throwing her sister a Champagne Brunch Tea Party Bridal Shower (say that 3 times fast?), I jumped at the chance to photograph it! African violets? Antique tea cups? Picturesque seaside location? Don't threaten me with a good time!

Victoria wants to make her bouquet out of broaches, so all the guests were asked to bring a broach to add, as well as a recipe to share! I love these ideas!

Downtown Boston Wedding: Tori and Noah

Tori and Noah had a sweet, quick little ceremony with their family in downtown. It was a totally relaxed and sweet day and I feel honored to have been able to have been a part of it. We lucked out and the sun actually came out! Despite the still pretty cold temps, the presence of the sun at least helped to make us think it was maybe a bit warmer out. Plus, colder temps always help encourage couples to get cozier with each other, and I love that!

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