Therese and Ryan | Samuel Fitch Wedding

Ryan and Therese wedding blog-111.jpg

I could make a very long list about all the things I'm super obsessed with from Therese and Ryan's big day. The first 200 things on that list would definitely be the incredible people who love and support Therese and Ryan. This day overflowed with love and family and it was so incredible to be around such a caring and close knit group. After that would come a super cute baby, a super chill dog and super rad and personal details that made an already beautiful day an incredible experience. From the whole day happening at the historical Samuel Fitch house, to the best wedding color pallet I've ever seen, to a ceremony filled with emotion, Therese and Ryan's big day was definitely a highlight of my summer and I feel honored to have been a part of it. 

Downtown Boston Wedding: Tori and Noah

Tori and Noah had a sweet, quick little ceremony with their family in downtown. It was a totally relaxed and sweet day and I feel honored to have been able to have been a part of it. We lucked out and the sun actually came out! Despite the still pretty cold temps, the presence of the sun at least helped to make us think it was maybe a bit warmer out. Plus, colder temps always help encourage couples to get cozier with each other, and I love that!

Wedding- Tori and Noah watermark-99.jpg