snowy engagement photos

Another snowy, Boston proposal!

I love proposals. I love love love them. I'm so happy that opportunities to shoot them keep popping up. It's also really cool to see all the work that goes in to them and to work with the guy on setting everything up. I'm usually in contact with a mom or bride, so it's nice to see the other side!

Burke and Lauren are members of the community boating on the Charles. He had asked me to go scope out the area a few days prior so I could let him know where to stand. I had a gorgeous sunset that day and we timed everything out perfectly so we could get that light again. Naturally, since Burke was proposing on what was the first day of Spring, all those plans went out the window as we got more snow. As I make very clear, I love snow, so I was still excited. We ended up getting a totally dreamy and magical landscape. Snow just makes everything more magical!

Sahil and Abhi's snowy proposal at the ICA!

Sahil contacted me a few weeks ago to help him surprise and propose to his girlfriend Abhi. We had all sorts of plans, most of which were eventually totally thrown in the air because of the blizzard. We even had to move the day, as it was planned for Sunday, but the whole city was basically going to be shut down!

I'm so so glad that Sahil contacted me and I feel really lucky to have been able to be a part of of this. I love love and being able to help preserve such important moments in people's lives is really special to me! 

Congrats to Sahil and Abhi!

Snowy Engagement sessions!

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I had two engagement sessions this weekend and they were both a lot of fun! I love snow and was very happy to have another excuse to romp around in it!

Saturday I met up with Lisa and Chris. We had originally intended to shoot outside but the snow had turned to rain right as we were meeting up, so we headed to the Boston Public Library to try and wait it out!

I know a lot of great jokes.

I know a lot of great jokes.

Sunday I met up with Sarah and Dave at Lars Anderson Park, freshly coated in snow! They have a plot in the public garden where they grow vegetables and flowers. Sarah is going to be growing her own bouquet for their wedding, which I will also be shooting and am very excited about!