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Anza Borgeo Elopement | Desert Wedding Inspo

Anza Borgeo Elopement | Desert Wedding Inspo

Sometimes you find a $5 blue suede jacket at Goodwill that fits one of your bffs perfectly, so you bedazzle it and head out to the desert to fight some dragons.

Therese and Ryan | Samuel Fitch Wedding

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I could make a very long list about all the things I'm super obsessed with from Therese and Ryan's big day. The first 200 things on that list would definitely be the incredible people who love and support Therese and Ryan. This day overflowed with love and family and it was so incredible to be around such a caring and close knit group. After that would come a super cute baby, a super chill dog and super rad and personal details that made an already beautiful day an incredible experience. From the whole day happening at the historical Samuel Fitch house, to the best wedding color pallet I've ever seen, to a ceremony filled with emotion, Therese and Ryan's big day was definitely a highlight of my summer and I feel honored to have been a part of it. 

Belle Mer Rhode Island: Jeremy and Elina

I literally gasped as I walked in to Belle Mer and saw Elina's dress hanging up. The rest of the day completely followed suit. Jeremy and Elina had such a STUNNING, dreamy day. Belle Mer is obviously a beautiful venue, but Elina's touches of soft pinks and gold really brought everything to another level. They said their vows infront of a perfect sunset over the water. In addition to such a beautiful day, they wanted to make sure that all of their guests were having fun the whole time. They had an amazing sushi bar for cocktail hour, with a live jazz band and a caricature artist! As the dancing really started to kick up, the cigar rolling stationed opened up. The view was so gorgeous as the bridge lit up and everyone gathered around the fires to enjoy a cigar or take a break from dancing. 

New Hampshire Audubon Center: Dave and Sarah's DIY wedding!

This was just such a cool wedding and Sarah and Dave really know how to throw a party! They  wanted to have a relaxed, fun day that all their friends could have a great time at and they totally accomplished that! The Audubon Center was such a rad venue. I have never been so close to a Bald Eagle before! They also hand made almost everything! Dave made all of the yard games by hand and all of their signs were cut and painted by them. Instead of a wedding cake they bought various pies and cakes and had catering done by the amazing Pennypackers. For favors they made heart shaped bird treats and made a donation to the Audubon Society. My favorite detail was that Sarah actually grew all the flowers in her garden and made the arrangements themselves. How awesome is that?