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Suzie & Alex | Lodge on the Cove engagement shoot with adorable camp vibes | Kennebunk, Me

Suzie & Alex | Lodge on the Cove engagement shoot with adorable camp vibes | Kennebunk, Me

S’mores, beer and a campfire. Is there a better way to hang out?!I grew up in Maine and am always so happy whenever I get to go back. Add to that, my sweet buds Suzie and her fiance Alex, and you totally have the best day ever.

Lacie and Rick | Cabrillo National Monument

Lacie and Rick | Cabrillo National Monument

Find you a man who is always ready to fix your bangs.

Toni and Kevin | Corgi love at Night Shift Brewery

Toni and Kevin were the first couple who put their trust in me when I decided I wanted to pursue wedding photography full time. They are friends of a friend and barely even wanted photos, but hired me over a year before their wedding. I am so eternally grateful to them for putting their trust in me and on top of that, having such an amazing, colorful wedding, full of rad people who I've connected with all over the country. The love these two share is so powerful and there was not a dry eye in the ceremony (myself included). I feel honored to have been a part of such an awesome day filled with such powerful love and connection and am so glad that they chose me. They also happen to have the floppiest, cutest corgi on the planet and if there's a dog present, count me in. I would definitely recommend checking out their engagement shoot when he was the teeny, tinest nugget! I highly recommend checking that out HERE!

Thank you again Toni and Kevin and I'll see you this Fall!

Therese and Ryan | Samuel Fitch Wedding

Ryan and Therese wedding blog-111.jpg

I could make a very long list about all the things I'm super obsessed with from Therese and Ryan's big day. The first 200 things on that list would definitely be the incredible people who love and support Therese and Ryan. This day overflowed with love and family and it was so incredible to be around such a caring and close knit group. After that would come a super cute baby, a super chill dog and super rad and personal details that made an already beautiful day an incredible experience. From the whole day happening at the historical Samuel Fitch house, to the best wedding color pallet I've ever seen, to a ceremony filled with emotion, Therese and Ryan's big day was definitely a highlight of my summer and I feel honored to have been a part of it. 

They keep saying yes! Another Boston Proposal!

I must totally be a good luck charm, because every proposal I have shot so far has ended up with a yes :) This day ended up being a bit colder than we thought it would be and Alyssa definitely needed a bit of coaxing to get her to the spot but it all ended up working out! These two are incredibly sweet with each other and it was so cool to be able to shoot so many purely organic, intimate moments. 

I can not say enough how much I love shooting proposals. Going through the pictures afterwards is always amazing because the moment it self goes so quickly. I love being able to help preserve such a quick, but important moment in people's lives. 

Gloucester, MA Engagement Session

The North Shore is the best. It's such a picturesque part of Massachusetts that still has so much character and Boston in it. Nell and Kayote contacted me about doing engagement photos and when Nell said she lived in Gloucester, I jumped at the chance to shoot there! I'm not a huge beach person, but I have to say that this winter has really made me fall in love with the beach...but just in the winter (I'm a lakes girl myself). Nell and Kayote are a total riot and were a blast to shoot with. They showed me all around Gloucester and we had such a great time. They were also totally cool with romping through knee deep snow so we could get to some really great spots. Adventurous couples are my favorite and I feel so lucky that I keep getting to meet so many of them!


Nell is going to be running the Boston Marathon as part of B.good's Burger Brigade. The Burger Brigade runs to raise funds for B.good's Family Foundation, which aims to provide grants to a collection of passionate individuals with a burning desire to change things for the better. They believe  that "the most sustainable, impactful changes are the ones communities design for themselves."  She had the burger with her, so we figured we'd take a couple shots with it on! If you're interested in donating, please head over to her page HERE. 

Engagement- Nell and Kayode-73.jpg