We <3 blizzards

Pete and I love snow. We really do. We jump at the chance to be adventuring around in the snow while it is blizzarding. Monday I had a killer migraine and was so irritated that I was stuck in bed and not out enjoying the weather, so I pounded as much Excedrine as I could. Soon enough death slowly started to release its grip on my skull. Once I felt like my skull was no longer being drilled into, Pete and I called up our favorite Shabu place to see if they were open, and luckily they were! The weather seemed more intense Monday than it had been during Juno, but there wasn't a travel ban so there were a lot more people out and about. Shabu is the perfect thing to do on a snowy day!

He likes it a lot more than his face might suggest!

He likes it a lot more than his face might suggest!

snow flakes on my nose and eye lashessss

snow flakes on my nose and eye lashessss

I love boots.&nbsp;

I love boots. 

A snow day at the Middlesex Fells with a Aussie Jumping Bean!

Sunday before the Super Bowl, my lovely friend Suzie and I headed off to the Fells to take advantage of the snow! It was a perfect day to be out there. There's an area that always as a ton of dogs running around. My little potato of a dog isn't a big player, so we don't go to dog parks much, so this was an extra treat! Watching all the nuggets running around and wrestling in the snow was the cherry on top of getting to romp around in it ourselves. We are both definitely considering getting some snow shoes!

suzieand frankie at the fells29watermark-17.jpg

Bring on the snow.

I just totally love snow. When it is snowing is my favorite weather. It's so peaceful and just looks like magic. The light is also so lovely. Everything is perfectly, softly illuminated while it is snowing. Everything has to slow down and the cold wakes you up. I was so excited this past weekend when we finally got some real snow. Monday we are predicted to get another foot and I'm so glad! Bring it on!