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Still not sick of the snow!

I still can't complain about it! I just love it and it really gets me outside more than nicer weather does! 

My friend Diane and I had met up to romp around in the snow and ran into some girls snowboarding in Ringer Park. The powder was so deep. What a forgiving way to learn to ride.

Diane took this of me. I have a lot of talents. 

Diane took this of me. I have a lot of talents. 

Their roommate showed up with a surfboard that he had taken the fin(s?) off of and they took a couple spins on it.

My guy let us know that he was leaving the house and we met up with him to do a mini blizzard bar crawl. Walking the streets of the city in a blizzard always feels so wild and post apocolpytic and I'm kind of obsessed with it. 


Next up, the MBTA shuts down so we head off to Maine!

Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, MA

My adorable friend Suzie asked me if I could take some Linked In photos for her and her friend Meg this weekend. I was more than happy to do so and it gave us an excuse to go out on an adventure! I had never been out to the Blue Hills before, so I suggested we check it out. It is such a lovely area and the pond has frozen over. Unfortunately, we got there a little late in the day and didn't have too long to do anything more than walk around the pond. We plan on going back soon!

suzie and megan 13.jpg