couples and puppies

Fellsmere Park with a little Corgi puppy? Yes please.

My darling friend Suzie connected Toni and I about Toni's wedding in October. They recently added to their family and we figured this was a perfect excuse to take some engagement photos before the wedding. 

I was not prepared for this puppy. 

I had to spend a good 10 minutes rolling around on the ground with Moose before I could even say hello to Toni and Kevin. Luckily they totally get it. Moose is a total cartoon character angel and ended up with such a fun set of parents. 

Toni and Kevin are just a lot of fun. It was laughs right from the get go and it was like we had all been friends for years. Toni and Kevin, I can not wait to shoot your wedding in October and I can not be held liable if Moose shows up in a tux and I die. That's on you guys.