Hanging around Harvard Square with the lovely Diana

A couple months ago (I know, I'm super behind here. Wedding season is a wild time!!) I had the pleasure of meeting up with Diana to take some shots for her upcoming blog. We found each other via Instagram and ran into each other at an event at General Assembly and FINALLY found a date to shoot together and I'm so glad we did! Diana is such a sweetheart and so much fun to be around. She also knows a lot of great little spots in Cambridge (like the Brattle Street Florist! THE CUTEST LITTLE FLOWER SHOP!). Check her out on instagram at @themissprints and keep an eye out for her blog and adorable dimples!

Wandering around the Mount Auburn Cemetery

The best days are the ones where the only plans you have are to meet up with people you love and just enjoy the day. My friends Mel and Al sell antiques (White Star Antiques)and had this gorgeous map of Boston that I wanted to buy from them, so they came up to Boston. It was the most gorgeous day and after like the best Indian Food I have ever had, we headed to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Despite being a cemetery, it's such a totally gorgeous area and is a lovely place to wander. A+ day.

Boston, MA: Mount Auburn Cemetery and The Arnold Arboretum

Yesterday was for sure a Sunday Funday! I got together with some fun ladies and we went to the Mount Auburn Cemetery and the Arboretum to wander around and not be sinking into our couches. It was chilly but a fun day. It started to snow at the end of our adventure and I really wish it had come down hard. I just want snow! LET IS SNOW PLEASE.