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Lacie and Rick | Cabrillo National Monument

Lacie and Rick | Cabrillo National Monument

Find you a man who is always ready to fix your bangs.

Britt and Chris | Cozy New England In Home Portrait Session

Britt and Chris | Cozy New England In Home Portrait Session

Sometimes your best friend and her husband buy a house and you bribe them with chips to let you take photos of them in it. 

Jacky and Chris | Wintery Massachusetts Engagement Shoot

Jacky and Chris | Wintery Massachusetts Engagement Shoot

Being a wedding photographer means you're intimately a part of someone's big day and usually by the end of the day I find myself as part of the family.

Toni and Kevin | Corgi love at Night Shift Brewery

Toni and Kevin were the first couple who put their trust in me when I decided I wanted to pursue wedding photography full time. They are friends of a friend and barely even wanted photos, but hired me over a year before their wedding. I am so eternally grateful to them for putting their trust in me and on top of that, having such an amazing, colorful wedding, full of rad people who I've connected with all over the country. The love these two share is so powerful and there was not a dry eye in the ceremony (myself included). I feel honored to have been a part of such an awesome day filled with such powerful love and connection and am so glad that they chose me. They also happen to have the floppiest, cutest corgi on the planet and if there's a dog present, count me in. I would definitely recommend checking out their engagement shoot when he was the teeny, tinest nugget! I highly recommend checking that out HERE!

Thank you again Toni and Kevin and I'll see you this Fall!

Back Bay Fens Rose Garden Engagement Session: Kate and Thomas (and Maeby!)

I met up with Kate and Thomas and their puggle Maeby at the Museum of Fine Art and headed over to The Fens for an evening of gorgeous light and a rose garden that would make the Queen of Hearts jealous. I had no idea this amazing garden existed and stumbled upon it one day while lost, looking for a kickball game. Kate had contacted me about an e-session and we were still trying to figure out location.  As soon as I saw this hidden gem, I emailed her immediately and we set a time to meet up and shoot and I'm so happy we did!

Kate and Thomas are a super interesting couple, with such a sweet dog! Maeby knows all kinds of tricks and was such a good boy for this shoot. Thomas is a doctor and Kate is about to leave her days of coaching water polo to dive into med school herself! I had such a great time shooting with them and I may have to only shoot in this dreeeamy rose garden from now on! That's it! Rose garden or bust!


Mildred B. Cooper Chapel Wedding-Bentonville, AR: Candace and Elliot

When Candace and Elliot contacted me about shooting their wedding in Arkansas, my first thought was "Whoa, I forgot Arkansas existed". As it turns out, Arkansas is totally a hidden gem and is so gorgeous.  Bentonville is home to the first Wal-Mart and straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to visit, not to mention be able to be a part of Candace and Elliot's big day (and weekend).

Candace and Elliot were a complete joy to be around. While the weekend was filled with loud and hilarious stories of Elliot, dubbed by all he loves as "The Mouth of the South", the quiet way he looks at Candace, in total awe, was beautiful to watch. Candace is totally gorgeous inside and out. Her kind heart immediately shines through and she is clearly adored by everyone who meets her. These two are total firecrackers and a constant bundle of laughs. The joy they bring to each other and everyone around them is infectious and I am excited to see where life takes them.

Thank you so much, Candace and Elliot. You two are a total joy and I feel blessed to have been a part of your union! 

Also, I think I may just require all the future weddings I shoot to be bow-tie only and have a set of fake mustaches handy. 

Flavia and Ben Fort Point Engagement Session

Flavia and Ben met via OKCupid, and really make me believe in whatever algorithms those companies must be using. I knew I liked Flavia and Ben immediately when we first met. They are both really laid back and a lot of fun and seem to genuinely have a great time with each other. They were so easy to be around and a ton of fun to shoot with. Flavia was interested in shooting in the Fort Point area and showed me some really awesome spots. I have never really explored this part of the city much and I'm grateful to Flavia and Ben for showing me around! We ended in the Seaport and were able to catch some awesome, golden hour light at the end of the day.