boston snowstorm

Gloucester, MA Engagement Session

The North Shore is the best. It's such a picturesque part of Massachusetts that still has so much character and Boston in it. Nell and Kayote contacted me about doing engagement photos and when Nell said she lived in Gloucester, I jumped at the chance to shoot there! I'm not a huge beach person, but I have to say that this winter has really made me fall in love with the beach...but just in the winter (I'm a lakes girl myself). Nell and Kayote are a total riot and were a blast to shoot with. They showed me all around Gloucester and we had such a great time. They were also totally cool with romping through knee deep snow so we could get to some really great spots. Adventurous couples are my favorite and I feel so lucky that I keep getting to meet so many of them!


Nell is going to be running the Boston Marathon as part of B.good's Burger Brigade. The Burger Brigade runs to raise funds for B.good's Family Foundation, which aims to provide grants to a collection of passionate individuals with a burning desire to change things for the better. They believe  that "the most sustainable, impactful changes are the ones communities design for themselves."  She had the burger with her, so we figured we'd take a couple shots with it on! If you're interested in donating, please head over to her page HERE. 

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A dreamy, snowy seaport

I don't go down to Boston's Seaport area much. It's always seemed kind of hard to get to and when it's hot it just kind of smells like fish. I've never been down that way in the winter and I was so happy to have a reason to go down there for Sahil and Abhi's proposal. It is SO gorgeous down there in the winter and while it is snowing. It may now be one of my favorite spots in the winter. The perfect seafoam green of the ocean and the crazy fog/white out from the snow were a total dream.

We <3 blizzards

Pete and I love snow. We really do. We jump at the chance to be adventuring around in the snow while it is blizzarding. Monday I had a killer migraine and was so irritated that I was stuck in bed and not out enjoying the weather, so I pounded as much Excedrine as I could. Soon enough death slowly started to release its grip on my skull. Once I felt like my skull was no longer being drilled into, Pete and I called up our favorite Shabu place to see if they were open, and luckily they were! The weather seemed more intense Monday than it had been during Juno, but there wasn't a travel ban so there were a lot more people out and about. Shabu is the perfect thing to do on a snowy day!

He likes it a lot more than his face might suggest!

He likes it a lot more than his face might suggest!

snow flakes on my nose and eye lashessss

snow flakes on my nose and eye lashessss

I love boots.&nbsp;

I love boots.