boston seaport

Flavia and Ben Fort Point Engagement Session

Flavia and Ben met via OKCupid, and really make me believe in whatever algorithms those companies must be using. I knew I liked Flavia and Ben immediately when we first met. They are both really laid back and a lot of fun and seem to genuinely have a great time with each other. They were so easy to be around and a ton of fun to shoot with. Flavia was interested in shooting in the Fort Point area and showed me some really awesome spots. I have never really explored this part of the city much and I'm grateful to Flavia and Ben for showing me around! We ended in the Seaport and were able to catch some awesome, golden hour light at the end of the day. 

Family Seaport-raits in Boston!

Kelly and her gorgeous family make trips to Boston every year. Her Husband went to school here so they love coming back. They contacted me to take some family portraits while they were here. It was definitely cool and breezy, but we couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day!

Foggy Friday wanderings with Mass Musing's Kayte Demont

This past Friday I met up with Kayte of Mass Musings and we just spent some time being goofy and wandering around a foggy Boston. It was really awesome to be able to wander around with with no agenda. With the seasons being so drastic this past year, you can go to the same places every week and find it to be a totally new place. 

You can get all the details on what Kayte's wearing and check out her blog at You can also find her on Instagram @massmusings!

A dreamy, snowy seaport

I don't go down to Boston's Seaport area much. It's always seemed kind of hard to get to and when it's hot it just kind of smells like fish. I've never been down that way in the winter and I was so happy to have a reason to go down there for Sahil and Abhi's proposal. It is SO gorgeous down there in the winter and while it is snowing. It may now be one of my favorite spots in the winter. The perfect seafoam green of the ocean and the crazy fog/white out from the snow were a total dream.