boston portraits

Grayson is a big brother!

Back in November the Schaefers contacted me to take some family photos for them! They are pass holders at the Franklin Park Zoo and I thought that would be an awesome place to take photos. You can check out that session here

Their family has since grown and I had the pleasure of taking some portraits of their new edition this weekend. It's really awesome to be able to watch families grow and help document it!

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Flower crown made by  Fancy Free Finery !

Flower crown made by Fancy Free Finery!

flower crown made by  Fancy Free Finery !

flower crown made by Fancy Free Finery!

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Charlotte, smiles for miles!

Charlotte is the sweetest little lady and I had the opportunity to take some photos of her and her family this weekend! They are a lovely family and shooting with them was a total breeze!


Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, MA

My adorable friend Suzie asked me if I could take some Linked In photos for her and her friend Meg this weekend. I was more than happy to do so and it gave us an excuse to go out on an adventure! I had never been out to the Blue Hills before, so I suggested we check it out. It is such a lovely area and the pond has frozen over. Unfortunately, we got there a little late in the day and didn't have too long to do anything more than walk around the pond. We plan on going back soon!

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More from New Years on Hen Island

Here are more from New Years! One of them main reasons I love camping is because I love cooking over open flames. Since it's winter, we end up in the cabin more and cook over the wood stove, but it still makes for such perfect, simple meals.