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Route 1 with Ball and Buck

Katie from Ball and Buck contacted me about shooting some of Ball and Buck's Fall Line as we explored the North Shore's iconic Route 1 stretch. She wanted to step a little outside of B&B's brand and we had such a fun time doing so. Big thanks to Sam for being patient and willing about all the weird places we wanted him to venture into!

Back Bay Fens Rose Garden Engagement Session: Kate and Thomas (and Maeby!)

I met up with Kate and Thomas and their puggle Maeby at the Museum of Fine Art and headed over to The Fens for an evening of gorgeous light and a rose garden that would make the Queen of Hearts jealous. I had no idea this amazing garden existed and stumbled upon it one day while lost, looking for a kickball game. Kate had contacted me about an e-session and we were still trying to figure out location.  As soon as I saw this hidden gem, I emailed her immediately and we set a time to meet up and shoot and I'm so happy we did!

Kate and Thomas are a super interesting couple, with such a sweet dog! Maeby knows all kinds of tricks and was such a good boy for this shoot. Thomas is a doctor and Kate is about to leave her days of coaching water polo to dive into med school herself! I had such a great time shooting with them and I may have to only shoot in this dreeeamy rose garden from now on! That's it! Rose garden or bust!


Katie and Brian's Narraganset Wedding at The Towers

I had the honor of second shooting for Allison Gouldsbury in Rhode Island a few weeks ago. Katie and Brian got married in Narragansett, in a gorgeous little park over looking a perfect day at Narragansett Beach. There was a perfect breeze to add just a little bit of dramatic flair to their intimate ceremony for family and friends.  After the ceremony, the rest of the guests met up with the newly weds at the Towers at Narragansett for a fun, relaxed and love filled reception. I am so lucky and grateful to Katie and Brian for letting me be a part of their day, as well as Allison for having me as her sidekick. Katie and Brian are expecting a little girl and that little girl is so lucky to be joining a family so filled with love. 

Don't quarry, be happy! Sunset at the Quincy Rock Quarries

A few weeks ago I met up with a bunch of Boston Instagrammers to check out the Quincy Rock Quarries and watch the sunset. The Quincy Rock Quarries is such a cool spot and I couldn't believe I had no idea about it. Apparently it's in a bunch of popular "Boston movies", but because I live under a rock (heh) there are still a million "everyone has seen this" movies that I still have no idea about. Whatever. I'm busy rewatching all 8 Harry Potters for the 20th time. 

Wandering around the Mount Auburn Cemetery

The best days are the ones where the only plans you have are to meet up with people you love and just enjoy the day. My friends Mel and Al sell antiques (White Star Antiques)and had this gorgeous map of Boston that I wanted to buy from them, so they came up to Boston. It was the most gorgeous day and after like the best Indian Food I have ever had, we headed to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Despite being a cemetery, it's such a totally gorgeous area and is a lovely place to wander. A+ day.

Foggy Friday wanderings with Mass Musing's Kayte Demont

This past Friday I met up with Kayte of Mass Musings and we just spent some time being goofy and wandering around a foggy Boston. It was really awesome to be able to wander around with with no agenda. With the seasons being so drastic this past year, you can go to the same places every week and find it to be a totally new place. 

You can get all the details on what Kayte's wearing and check out her blog at You can also find her on Instagram @massmusings!