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Route 1 with Ball and Buck

Katie from Ball and Buck contacted me about shooting some of Ball and Buck's Fall Line as we explored the North Shore's iconic Route 1 stretch. She wanted to step a little outside of B&B's brand and we had such a fun time doing so. Big thanks to Sam for being patient and willing about all the weird places we wanted him to venture into!

Headshots for the Professor

Xavier's mom contacted me a bit ago so that we could get some headshots for her vibrant little man! Hanging out with him was such a hoot. He's a super smart little dude and a total natural in front of the camera.

Portrait- Xavier watermark-10.jpg

A dreamy, snowy seaport

I don't go down to Boston's Seaport area much. It's always seemed kind of hard to get to and when it's hot it just kind of smells like fish. I've never been down that way in the winter and I was so happy to have a reason to go down there for Sahil and Abhi's proposal. It is SO gorgeous down there in the winter and while it is snowing. It may now be one of my favorite spots in the winter. The perfect seafoam green of the ocean and the crazy fog/white out from the snow were a total dream.

Bring on the snow.

I just totally love snow. When it is snowing is my favorite weather. It's so peaceful and just looks like magic. The light is also so lovely. Everything is perfectly, softly illuminated while it is snowing. Everything has to slow down and the cold wakes you up. I was so excited this past weekend when we finally got some real snow. Monday we are predicted to get another foot and I'm so glad! Bring it on!

Grayson is a big brother!

Back in November the Schaefers contacted me to take some family photos for them! They are pass holders at the Franklin Park Zoo and I thought that would be an awesome place to take photos. You can check out that session here

Their family has since grown and I had the pleasure of taking some portraits of their new edition this weekend. It's really awesome to be able to watch families grow and help document it!

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Flower crown made by  Fancy Free Finery !

Flower crown made by Fancy Free Finery!

flower crown made by  Fancy Free Finery !

flower crown made by Fancy Free Finery!

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mae watermark-19.jpg

Lori and John Engagement Session

Lori and John live in Florida but were making a trip up to Boston for the weekend as Lori's Christmas gift! They were such a sweet couple who are clearly totally perfect for each other. Getting to shoot with them was a blast!

Lori and John 111-6.jpg

Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, MA

My adorable friend Suzie asked me if I could take some Linked In photos for her and her friend Meg this weekend. I was more than happy to do so and it gave us an excuse to go out on an adventure! I had never been out to the Blue Hills before, so I suggested we check it out. It is such a lovely area and the pond has frozen over. Unfortunately, we got there a little late in the day and didn't have too long to do anything more than walk around the pond. We plan on going back soon!

suzie and megan 13.jpg

More from New Years on Hen Island

Here are more from New Years! One of them main reasons I love camping is because I love cooking over open flames. Since it's winter, we end up in the cabin more and cook over the wood stove, but it still makes for such perfect, simple meals.