boston engagement photographs

Boston Seaport Proposal: Chris and Aly

I have been friends and roommates with Chris . We've known each other for years and you could tell something came alive in him when he met Aly. These two are perfect for each other (and not just because they are both super tall!). They make each other genuinely happy and how much they care about each other is completely evident. About 8 months ago Chris sent me a photo of one of the most gorgeous rings I've ever seen saying that he had put a deposit down on it. I screamed when he asked me if I would photograph him proposing to Aly and was so excited. The thing is, because I knew these two, I had to be much more commando, as I usually just pose as a tourist taking photos.They got a totally sweet sunset and before he got on one knee, Chris had to tell Aly to let go of him because she was hugging him so tight. They just love being around each other and are totally magnetic. So much joy and love between them the entire time. It was so so awesome and it was honor to be a part of it.

Back Bay Fens Rose Garden Engagement Session: Kate and Thomas (and Maeby!)

I met up with Kate and Thomas and their puggle Maeby at the Museum of Fine Art and headed over to The Fens for an evening of gorgeous light and a rose garden that would make the Queen of Hearts jealous. I had no idea this amazing garden existed and stumbled upon it one day while lost, looking for a kickball game. Kate had contacted me about an e-session and we were still trying to figure out location.  As soon as I saw this hidden gem, I emailed her immediately and we set a time to meet up and shoot and I'm so happy we did!

Kate and Thomas are a super interesting couple, with such a sweet dog! Maeby knows all kinds of tricks and was such a good boy for this shoot. Thomas is a doctor and Kate is about to leave her days of coaching water polo to dive into med school herself! I had such a great time shooting with them and I may have to only shoot in this dreeeamy rose garden from now on! That's it! Rose garden or bust!


An enchanting evening in the Arboretum

The way Sheila puts it, her and Mike met when she "looked like a total bag lady". She was mid travel and waiting under a tree with all her things when Mike came by and spotted her. I doubt that any amount of luggage could hide Sheila's big baby blues and the two have pretty much been together ever since! 

They moved up to Mass from Texas. We met up this winter to take some photos in the snow. It was obviously freezing but I had such a great time shooting with them. Since we no longer have 6 feet of snow, I asked if they wanted to meet up again to shoot and they were both totally up for it! Mike and Sheila are so sweet together and we ended up getting the dreamiest light for our session. Sheila's leg was almost chewed off by bugs right at the beginning of our shoot, but she seems to be able to always take a stunning photo, regardless of conditions! Both Mike and Sheila are musicians, so keep your ears peeled for them!

Fellsmere Park with a little Corgi puppy? Yes please.

My darling friend Suzie connected Toni and I about Toni's wedding in October. They recently added to their family and we figured this was a perfect excuse to take some engagement photos before the wedding. 

I was not prepared for this puppy. 

I had to spend a good 10 minutes rolling around on the ground with Moose before I could even say hello to Toni and Kevin. Luckily they totally get it. Moose is a total cartoon character angel and ended up with such a fun set of parents. 

Toni and Kevin are just a lot of fun. It was laughs right from the get go and it was like we had all been friends for years. Toni and Kevin, I can not wait to shoot your wedding in October and I can not be held liable if Moose shows up in a tux and I die. That's on you guys. 

Flavia and Ben Fort Point Engagement Session

Flavia and Ben met via OKCupid, and really make me believe in whatever algorithms those companies must be using. I knew I liked Flavia and Ben immediately when we first met. They are both really laid back and a lot of fun and seem to genuinely have a great time with each other. They were so easy to be around and a ton of fun to shoot with. Flavia was interested in shooting in the Fort Point area and showed me some really awesome spots. I have never really explored this part of the city much and I'm grateful to Flavia and Ben for showing me around! We ended in the Seaport and were able to catch some awesome, golden hour light at the end of the day. 

Family Seaport-raits in Boston!

Kelly and her gorgeous family make trips to Boston every year. Her Husband went to school here so they love coming back. They contacted me to take some family portraits while they were here. It was definitely cool and breezy, but we couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day!

They keep saying yes! Another Boston Proposal!

I must totally be a good luck charm, because every proposal I have shot so far has ended up with a yes :) This day ended up being a bit colder than we thought it would be and Alyssa definitely needed a bit of coaxing to get her to the spot but it all ended up working out! These two are incredibly sweet with each other and it was so cool to be able to shoot so many purely organic, intimate moments. 

I can not say enough how much I love shooting proposals. Going through the pictures afterwards is always amazing because the moment it self goes so quickly. I love being able to help preserve such a quick, but important moment in people's lives.