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Potato Portraits

I realized last night that I don't take very many photos of my potato, as she doesn't do a whole lot except snug and eat. At the same time, she is an ideal subject because she will sit still for a very long time if I have anything that could be food in my hand. So, here are some portraits of my little nugget couch potato!

A snow day at the Middlesex Fells with a Aussie Jumping Bean!

Sunday before the Super Bowl, my lovely friend Suzie and I headed off to the Fells to take advantage of the snow! It was a perfect day to be out there. There's an area that always as a ton of dogs running around. My little potato of a dog isn't a big player, so we don't go to dog parks much, so this was an extra treat! Watching all the nuggets running around and wrestling in the snow was the cherry on top of getting to romp around in it ourselves. We are both definitely considering getting some snow shoes!

suzieand frankie at the fells29watermark-17.jpg