boston dog

Potato Portraits

I realized last night that I don't take very many photos of my potato, as she doesn't do a whole lot except snug and eat. At the same time, she is an ideal subject because she will sit still for a very long time if I have anything that could be food in my hand. So, here are some portraits of my little nugget couch potato!

Bring on the snow.

I just totally love snow. When it is snowing is my favorite weather. It's so peaceful and just looks like magic. The light is also so lovely. Everything is perfectly, softly illuminated while it is snowing. Everything has to slow down and the cold wakes you up. I was so excited this past weekend when we finally got some real snow. Monday we are predicted to get another foot and I'm so glad! Bring it on!

Obi Wan Kenobi, a true Jedi of Cute.

My friend Emily got a new puppy and I can't even handle him. He is unreal cute. Like I have met him and kissed him and squeezed him and I'm still not sure if he is a figment of my imagination or not. So I took some pictures of him when they visited this weekend to make sure I wasn't seeing things. He's an actual angel.