Route 1 with Ball and Buck

Katie from Ball and Buck contacted me about shooting some of Ball and Buck's Fall Line as we explored the North Shore's iconic Route 1 stretch. She wanted to step a little outside of B&B's brand and we had such a fun time doing so. Big thanks to Sam for being patient and willing about all the weird places we wanted him to venture into!

Flavia and Ben Fort Point Engagement Session

Flavia and Ben met via OKCupid, and really make me believe in whatever algorithms those companies must be using. I knew I liked Flavia and Ben immediately when we first met. They are both really laid back and a lot of fun and seem to genuinely have a great time with each other. They were so easy to be around and a ton of fun to shoot with. Flavia was interested in shooting in the Fort Point area and showed me some really awesome spots. I have never really explored this part of the city much and I'm grateful to Flavia and Ben for showing me around! We ended in the Seaport and were able to catch some awesome, golden hour light at the end of the day. 

Don't quarry, be happy! Sunset at the Quincy Rock Quarries

A few weeks ago I met up with a bunch of Boston Instagrammers to check out the Quincy Rock Quarries and watch the sunset. The Quincy Rock Quarries is such a cool spot and I couldn't believe I had no idea about it. Apparently it's in a bunch of popular "Boston movies", but because I live under a rock (heh) there are still a million "everyone has seen this" movies that I still have no idea about. Whatever. I'm busy rewatching all 8 Harry Potters for the 20th time. 

Wandering around the Mount Auburn Cemetery

The best days are the ones where the only plans you have are to meet up with people you love and just enjoy the day. My friends Mel and Al sell antiques (White Star Antiques)and had this gorgeous map of Boston that I wanted to buy from them, so they came up to Boston. It was the most gorgeous day and after like the best Indian Food I have ever had, we headed to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Despite being a cemetery, it's such a totally gorgeous area and is a lovely place to wander. A+ day.

They keep saying yes! Another Boston Proposal!

I must totally be a good luck charm, because every proposal I have shot so far has ended up with a yes :) This day ended up being a bit colder than we thought it would be and Alyssa definitely needed a bit of coaxing to get her to the spot but it all ended up working out! These two are incredibly sweet with each other and it was so cool to be able to shoot so many purely organic, intimate moments. 

I can not say enough how much I love shooting proposals. Going through the pictures afterwards is always amazing because the moment it self goes so quickly. I love being able to help preserve such a quick, but important moment in people's lives. 

Foggy Friday wanderings with Mass Musing's Kayte Demont

This past Friday I met up with Kayte of Mass Musings and we just spent some time being goofy and wandering around a foggy Boston. It was really awesome to be able to wander around with with no agenda. With the seasons being so drastic this past year, you can go to the same places every week and find it to be a totally new place. 

You can get all the details on what Kayte's wearing and check out her blog at You can also find her on Instagram @massmusings!

Maternity Session with Marisa and Chris

Marisa contacted me a few months ago to take some maternity photos with her and her husband Chris! They live in Stowe, MA and I was so glad that I got to drive up there. What a gorgeous area! We lucked out with such lovely, dreamy light!

After we finished, Chris asked if I would mind taking a couple photos of his first baby, his car. After the winter we had, it just doesn't make sense for them to keep it anymore, so sadly he will be getting rid of it soon. I hope these photos help ease the pain a little Chris!

Taxidermy class with Mickey Kwapis at Joy Street Studios in Somerville, MA

I had the pleasure of taking and photographing taxidermy classes taught by Mickey Alice Kwapis last weekend! Mickey is incredibly fascinating and super smart and it was so cool to be able to take her class and get to know her. She is a licensed and professionally trained sustainable taxidermy educator from America teaching short-form classes in museums and universities around the world. She'll be coming back to Boston in May and I highly recommend signing up for her classes. Check out her site at

When she picked me up Friday night, I got in the car and she asked me "Wanna get a moose?!" which I eagerly agreed to. We drove to Eastie to this home where this older couple have lived and raised all their grown children in. They had had this moose head in the family since like the 70's and were now moving and just wanted him to go to a good home. They were so sweet and it was such a lovely exchange to watch. 

The following day I took her rabbit taxidermy class. Not only did she show us how us her craft, but she shared so much information and history about it with us. Mickey and I went to the Harvard Natural History Museum where she answered my millions of questions about how you taxidermy pretty much anything. 

Boston Taxidermy watermark-3.jpg

The following day I sat in on her rat class to photograph everything. It was so rad to be able to see the process for both animals.