Nydia and Matty | Lakeside Lodge Wedding | Lakeville, MA


These two are shear magic, and not just because they met while they were both barbers.

Years ago Nydia (from San Diego) and Matty (from Boston) met while touring the country. It would be years later that they reconnected (maybe or maybe not thanks to me at Pete…) and fell in love. 3000 miles couldn’t come between them, and Nydia moved to Massachusetts to be with Matty. These two have built a beautiful home and life together and I love getting to see all the adventures they go on. A good time can always be seen when they are together.

On a drizzly day in Massachusetts, friends and family came from all over the country to celebrate this special love. The dance floor was a live all night and the rain did nothing to damper spirits.

Nydia and Matty, thank you for trusting me in the rain and for a wild party. Get your butts back to San Diego soon!!