Aubrey & Zack | Joshua Tree Adventure Engagement Session


When Aubrey and Zack met, the connection was instant. She invited him to come on a trip with her the next day, where he met her family. They’ve been inseparable ever since, continuing to go on incredible adventures. from driving cross country on their motorcycles, to rock climbing excursions to road trips and camping in their van.

Joshua Tree is definitely one of the places that you want to be the passenger in the car. There is so much to look at in every direction, so I was so grateful to met up with Aubrey and Zack before we entered the park. On top of having an incredible van, they are also avid rock climbers and were amazing tour guides. As we explored, they pointed out their favorite climb spots and showed me some really amazing parts of the park.

Adoration and love for each other oozes out of Aubrey and Zack. Such a sweetness exists between the two of them and their love is genuinely contagious. They climbed up to some pretty hairy spots and it was inspiring to watch them physically and mentally support each other. I could probably insert a pun about traversing rocky relationships here, but I’ll end this saying that it was a true delight to spend time with these two. Let’s make it happen again sometime soon? That would rock.