Kaitlin & Chris | McCormick Home Ranch Wedding


The drive to McCormick Home Ranch is so freaking beautiful. I highly recommend being the passenger if you’re driving, as I frequently found myself distracted. It was a perfect day in Camarillo as the Ranch filled with family, friends and the smells of wood fired pizza. I have never seen green barns before and gushed over the perfectly aged farm, complete with cows, fruit trees and a lot of incredible, aging antique farm tools.

I think I screamed when I walked in and saw Kaitlin’s dress. She looked like a freaking angel with the most incredible dress to match. Being the chillest bride ever that she is, she got it 3 weeks before the wedding from Bali and it fit perfectly. Not only did it encourage lots of twirling, Kaitlin was comfortable and not weighed down by her dress at all. I always say comfort is key! You gotta be able to groove!!

The way Chris and Kaitlin look at each other made my heart stop a little bit. They walked each other down the aisle. As Chris burst into tears turning down the aisle, there was not a dry eye in the crowd. Their love and magic was totally palpable and friends talked long into the night about the ways the support and encourage each other.