Anna & Nate | Art Insitute of Chicago Engagement Session


The last time I was in Chicago, somehow someone convinced Pete, Nate and myself to do a Polar Bear Plunge with them on New Years Day. While I will never do that again, I have zero hesitations about visiting Chicago in the winter. When Nate told me he was getting married, I jumped on a plane as fast as I could in January to meet his lucky lady. I think Anna and I fell in love immediately and I am SO so excited for her and Nate.

Anna describes the proposal:

“After our friends Khushboo and Akhil canceled dinner plans on Nate and Anna, Nate "spontaneously" decided they should go to one of their favorite restaurants, Quiote. Towards the end of dinner Nate stood up, pushed the entire table aside and got down on one knee. After a lengthy speech neither of them remember, Nate asked Anna to be his wife and she eagerly agreed. The entire restaurant erupted in applause! Throughout dinner Anna had a fever and was not feeling well, so she failed to noticed the 20+ friends sneaking into the restaurant's bar behind her. After closing their tab, they went downstairs to the mezcal bar to find all their best friends waiting to congratulate them!”

They provided the perfect Ferris Bueller Chicago experience for me and we spent a snowy day hanging out in the Art Institute of Chicago. Anna and Nate are completely effortless with each other and it makes my heart so freaking full to see an old friend find his perfect partner.

I’ll see you cutes in a month! Let’s drink some Dunkies and pahty!!!