Jenny & Matt | Rainy New Years Eve California Tower Elopement, San Diego, CA


Is there anything more magical and cozy than a rainy New Years Eve elopement?! I don’t think so either.

Jenny and Matt contacted me a few days before New Years Eve. They had snuck away to San Diego for the holiday and found themselves with the perfect opportunity to get married the way they wanted to. Balboa Park felt extra magical from the morning rain and I met up with Matt and Jenny in the lobby of the Museum of Man. We climbed up the 125+ stairs to the first deck of the California Tower and they committed their lives to each other with the help of Sherri Allen!

Exploring the city with newly married couples is always such a blast, so we met up downtown for a few more photos before they headed to dinner. As we were wrapping up our last photos, Matt noticed a butterfly on the stairs. He was able to pick it up and both him and Jenny got very quiet. Matt started to tell me about the connection him and his father shared with butterflies, as our new friend hung out with us. We could all feel the moment and I’m pretty sure all 3 of us were quietly weeping. Eventually Matt found a safe place for the butterfly and we all hugged and parted ways. It was magic and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.