Liane & Zack | Intimate Del Mar Backyard Wedding


This was a special day. Backyard weddings are just so freaking special! While I love a huge, wild party, watching a couple be surrounded by and enjoying the people they love the most in a place near and dear to them is always the ultimate for me. These two have traveled all over the world with each other and I love that they stayed close to their foundation for their big day

Liane totally stunned in this modern, sleek dress, perfectly accentuated by a bouquet made by Zack’s sister. The whole day took place in Zack’s second home, owned by a family friend they’ve known his whole life. One friend video chatted in to watch the ceremony and be part of the reception, while friends sang songs and toast after toast was shared.

Liane and Zack are effortless together and surrounded by a lot of love. This was a special one for sure.