Paige & Robbie | Disneyland and DCA engagement shoot before park open!


Whenever anyone sees that my phone is in military time, they always ask me about it and I land right here at the best day(s) of my life.

Paige and Robbie met as Disney Cast Members working on World of Color. They were able to pull some magical strings and got us access to the parks BEFORE THEY OPENED so we could take photos. My brain definitely exploded and I was SO. FREAKING. EXCITED.

We were schedule to meet at the parks at 5am, so Pete and I got a hotel room in Anaheim. I set my alarm for 3:30 and went to bed so freaking excited. Until I jolted out of my bed to realize my worst fears: I was late. I had set my alarm for 3:30 PM and overslept and it was now 6am.

Paige and Robbie are ACTUAL angels. In a panic I called them and by some sort of magic they were still at the park and were SO gracious about the entire thing. Paige joked about how all Disney CMs have their phones in military time because they have a 24hr schedule and I immediately switched my phone to it.

Because I could not believe I was late for the coolest day ever, I told them I would 100% shoot a second day since we lost so much time. They were all about it, and in the end, we got to shoot before the parks opened TWICE. We even got a totally magical moment in Minnie’s House and ran into a whole bunch of pals as the park was opening!

Paige and Robbie, thank you so so SO much for being the sweetest, most understanding magic makers. Forever endlessly grateful for you both and obsessed with your love.

Thanks to True Photography for this opportunity!