Pampas Princess | The Dreamiest North Park Elopement Inspo in San Diego


When your favorite florists With Flourish hit you up and are like “We have an idea! Do you think we can make it happen in 24 hrs?!” you obviously say yes and have an amazing day with the best babes. Pampas grass is having such a moment and I think that it’s an amazing way to add incredible flare to your day. You can also easily find and forage it, so if you’re in a pinch, skip the bouquet and go with a bad ass frond of pampas!

I’m also such a huge supporter of the idea that your wedding dress is all about how you style it. The dress we used for this shoot was actually prom dress! Adding the pampas crown, hat and velvet jacket easily made this dress so fun and I’m obsessed with this look!

With Flourish are totally the sweetest ladies and I live for the times they contact me to throw something fun together and shoot. If you need a florist for your big day, I HIGHLY recommend these babes! Not only are they incredibly talented and creative, they are also just the sweetest angels and I adore them.