GWED: The Greatest Wedding Ever Donated | The Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA


This was truly one of the best days of my entire life.

Tiffany and Caleb believe that love is best when shared, so they wanted their big day to be about something more than themselves. As their wedding planning began, they realized that while a lot of money goes into the wedding industry, there is very little being done with all these funds to give back. This lead them to turning their wedding to a charity gala to raise money for 5 non-profits near and dear to their hearts.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation | The Wayfarer Foundation | Global Genes | To Write Love On Her Arms | Think Together

After an incredible and EMOTIONAL (omg I was a mess) ceremony, the gala began with representatives from each foundation and incredible performances from stand up comedy, to live bands and performative dance. After, they invited anyone and everyone to crash their wedding for more incredible performances and to party the night away with DJ Brandi Cyrus.

It was life changing to watch all of the donations roll in and you could totally feel the love. This was one of the wildest productions I have ever been a part of and it was amazing to watch it come together.

If you are interested in donating, they are continuing their work with the wedding industry over at and I highly recommend following them on Instagram @vowofgiving to keep up with them (and their life living in a RV!!).

The hugest thanks to my team of photographers for all of their hard work and support. This crew kicked some major butts and I am forever grateful for all of their contributions.

Charissa and Pat Magno

Brittany Hayes

Jason Snorlax

Edith Hogan

As well as the literal village of people who helped and donated:

Kelsey Rae Designs Event Planning | 1849 Wine Co | Ambry Genetics | Amigo Booth | Apothenne | Backup Backdrops | bare | Bella Bridesmaids | Brooks Brothers | C’mon Team! | Cross Campus | Davos Brands Beverages | Nexus Diamonds | Dogeared | Essentia Beverages | Everytable Catering | Friar Tux Shop | Generous Coffee Co | Green Flash Brewing | Health-ade Kombucha | Hungry Bear Catering | J. Crew | Java Tea Co|Korea Town Pizza Company | Light Source Printing and Graphics | Maneuver Works Production | Milk and Eggs Catering | Old Man Murph’s Coffee | One Hope Beverages | Onward Beverages | Premier Catering | R. W. Zant Co Catering | RNF Photobooth | Reveille PR | RP Imagery Video | Salon Bordeaux Hair and Makeup | Silicon Valley Bank | Sprayed by Jade |Suja Beverages | The Love Riot Planning | This Bar Saves Lives | Tossware Catering | William Grant & Sons Beverages