2017: Some rad moments from this years adventures!

2017! What a blur. While it may have been both the longest and the shortest year of my life, I got to see a lot of love this year. I feel infinitely lucky to be a part of so many adventures. I'm also incredibly grateful to Aaron and everyone at True Photography for everything they have taught me. Hitting the two year mark with them, I have shot over 120 weddings in the past two years and I have learned so SO much. I have also worked at so many amazing venues, and this year included some of my favorite alternative San Diego wedding and elopement venues:

This is a collection of some of my favorites from 2017 with True Photography. I had way too many wonderful couples over the year, so I'm going to break this up in to a few posts. I would love to hear if you have a favorite! Follow me on Instagram at @madelinebarrphoto for updates about the next posts :)

Also, all of these photos are clickable. If you'd like to see the full wedding, click the image and you can see it over at True Photography!