Toni and Kevin | Corgi love at Night Shift Brewery

Toni and Kevin were the first couple who put their trust in me when I decided I wanted to pursue wedding photography full time. They are friends of a friend and barely even wanted photos, but hired me over a year before their wedding. I am so eternally grateful to them for putting their trust in me and on top of that, having such an amazing, colorful wedding, full of rad people who I've connected with all over the country. The love these two share is so powerful and there was not a dry eye in the ceremony (myself included). I feel honored to have been a part of such an awesome day filled with such powerful love and connection and am so glad that they chose me. They also happen to have the floppiest, cutest corgi on the planet and if there's a dog present, count me in. I would definitely recommend checking out their engagement shoot when he was the teeny, tinest nugget! I highly recommend checking that out HERE!

Thank you again Toni and Kevin and I'll see you this Fall!