Boston Seaport Proposal: Chris and Aly

I have been friends and roommates with Chris . We've known each other for years and you could tell something came alive in him when he met Aly. These two are perfect for each other (and not just because they are both super tall!). They make each other genuinely happy and how much they care about each other is completely evident. About 8 months ago Chris sent me a photo of one of the most gorgeous rings I've ever seen saying that he had put a deposit down on it. I screamed when he asked me if I would photograph him proposing to Aly and was so excited. The thing is, because I knew these two, I had to be much more commando, as I usually just pose as a tourist taking photos.They got a totally sweet sunset and before he got on one knee, Chris had to tell Aly to let go of him because she was hugging him so tight. They just love being around each other and are totally magnetic. So much joy and love between them the entire time. It was so so awesome and it was honor to be a part of it.