An enchanting evening in the Arboretum

The way Sheila puts it, her and Mike met when she "looked like a total bag lady". She was mid travel and waiting under a tree with all her things when Mike came by and spotted her. I doubt that any amount of luggage could hide Sheila's big baby blues and the two have pretty much been together ever since! 

They moved up to Mass from Texas. We met up this winter to take some photos in the snow. It was obviously freezing but I had such a great time shooting with them. Since we no longer have 6 feet of snow, I asked if they wanted to meet up again to shoot and they were both totally up for it! Mike and Sheila are so sweet together and we ended up getting the dreamiest light for our session. Sheila's leg was almost chewed off by bugs right at the beginning of our shoot, but she seems to be able to always take a stunning photo, regardless of conditions! Both Mike and Sheila are musicians, so keep your ears peeled for them!