Squam Lake, NH

This weekend we had the opportunity to go stay at a friends house up on Squam Lake. A lot of the weekend was incredibly surreal for so many reasons. As my friend Anna and I were driving up, we were maybe a quarter mile from the turn onto our friend's road, when we saw a car swerve into our lane and then flip over. We immediately stopped and she called 911 as I ran out. Just as I was about to yell out to see if anyone was alive, the driver, a freshly 16 year old boy, crawled out the window. Some how he only had a couple scratches on his knuckles and was otherwise totally ok and the only one in the car. We arrived safely to our destination after the EMTs and his parents arrived and the situation was all taken care of.

The next morning I was the first one up and went out on the lake to take photos. As I stepped out I saw a fox crossing the lake. He was too far away to take a decent photo of so I just stood there for a while and watched it. It was so nice to have such a peaceful, beautiful moment after something so jarring the night before. The rest of the weekend was so lovely. The house we were staying at was huge and incredible and I was with some of my favorite people. We ended up getting stranded for a night because we had a crazy ice storm. There was never a better time or group to get stranded with.