Desert New Years

I have never liked New Years. I've had a lot of exhausting New Years Eve's and now just try to get as far away from civilization as possible. This year we went out to the desert and drank champagne around a fire and fed some carrots to some wild donkeys. Living in California has been a huge adjustment, but it has all been so worth it to have so many cool adventures close by.

I recently got a JORD watch and it's the first time I've owned a watch that didn't turn my wrist green, so I had to grab a couple shots of it. I'm completely obsessed. You can check them out

Belle Mer Rhode Island: Jeremy and Elina

I literally gasped as I walked in to Belle Mer and saw Elina's dress hanging up. The rest of the day completely followed suit. Jeremy and Elina had such a STUNNING, dreamy day. Belle Mer is obviously a beautiful venue, but Elina's touches of soft pinks and gold really brought everything to another level. They said their vows infront of a perfect sunset over the water. In addition to such a beautiful day, they wanted to make sure that all of their guests were having fun the whole time. They had an amazing sushi bar for cocktail hour, with a live jazz band and a caricature artist! As the dancing really started to kick up, the cigar rolling stationed opened up. The view was so gorgeous as the bridge lit up and everyone gathered around the fires to enjoy a cigar or take a break from dancing. 

New Hampshire Audubon Center: Dave and Sarah's DIY wedding!

This was just such a cool wedding and Sarah and Dave really know how to throw a party! They  wanted to have a relaxed, fun day that all their friends could have a great time at and they totally accomplished that! The Audubon Center was such a rad venue. I have never been so close to a Bald Eagle before! They also hand made almost everything! Dave made all of the yard games by hand and all of their signs were cut and painted by them. Instead of a wedding cake they bought various pies and cakes and had catering done by the amazing Pennypackers. For favors they made heart shaped bird treats and made a donation to the Audubon Society. My favorite detail was that Sarah actually grew all the flowers in her garden and made the arrangements themselves. How awesome is that?

Tom and Linda's wedding at the movies!

After being friends for 20 years, Tom and Linda finally tied the knot and brought together an amazing family. So much love radiates and surrounds these two and the rain didn't dampen their day one bit! It was so much fun being part of Tom and Linda's day!

Route 1 with Ball and Buck

Katie from Ball and Buck contacted me about shooting some of Ball and Buck's Fall Line as we explored the North Shore's iconic Route 1 stretch. She wanted to step a little outside of B&B's brand and we had such a fun time doing so. Big thanks to Sam for being patient and willing about all the weird places we wanted him to venture into!

Backyard Wedding Extravaganza: Allie and Tim

Homemade wine? Check. A full, fresh raw bar? Check. A cigar rolling station? Check. A live 13 piece band? Check. Best couple and party ever? Super duper Check.

Allie and Tim had a small ceremony on July 4th that not everyone they love was able to make it to, so they had a huge party a few days later! Having all the joy and fun of a wedding with out having to worry about any kind of time line was such a blast. Allie and Tim have the most amazing friends and family and it was just such a great time.

Coolidge Corner Theater Engagement Session: Heather and Jon

Heather is a dear friend of mine, so when she got engaged, I jumped at the chance to shoot her engagement photos! Jon knows a guy and was able to get us into the Coolidge Corner Theater for a shoot, which was so cool. Everyone who works there is so super nice and were incredibly helpful for the shoot! The whole building is gorgeous and I couldn't believe that we were able to shoot their! A huge thank you to the staff at The Coolidge!

Beacon Hill Proposal: John and Victoria

John and Victoria came to Boston for the week. John wanted to show her all the most picturesque parts of the city and had me waiting at Acorn St. Rain and thunder had been predicted, but the skies remained clear for him to pop her the question. As stopped her to tell her that he loved her, a small crowd noticed that I was taking their picture and stopped to watch. He got down on one knee and got an emotional and beautiful yes!

Hanging around Harvard Square with the lovely Diana

A couple months ago (I know, I'm super behind here. Wedding season is a wild time!!) I had the pleasure of meeting up with Diana to take some shots for her upcoming blog. We found each other via Instagram and ran into each other at an event at General Assembly and FINALLY found a date to shoot together and I'm so glad we did! Diana is such a sweetheart and so much fun to be around. She also knows a lot of great little spots in Cambridge (like the Brattle Street Florist! THE CUTEST LITTLE FLOWER SHOP!). Check her out on instagram at @themissprints and keep an eye out for her blog and adorable dimples!

A new little man lifestyle session!

I love when I get to see my clients again. It is such an honor when you become part of the family are asked to come back to photograph them as their family grows and changes. I shot Tori and Noah's wedding and was SO excited when the contacted me to take some pictures of their new little dude. Tori was totally glowing. Motherhood looks amazing on her and I'm so excited for her and Noah!

Boston Seaport Proposal: Chris and Aly

I have been friends and roommates with Chris . We've known each other for years and you could tell something came alive in him when he met Aly. These two are perfect for each other (and not just because they are both super tall!). They make each other genuinely happy and how much they care about each other is completely evident. About 8 months ago Chris sent me a photo of one of the most gorgeous rings I've ever seen saying that he had put a deposit down on it. I screamed when he asked me if I would photograph him proposing to Aly and was so excited. The thing is, because I knew these two, I had to be much more commando, as I usually just pose as a tourist taking photos.They got a totally sweet sunset and before he got on one knee, Chris had to tell Aly to let go of him because she was hugging him so tight. They just love being around each other and are totally magnetic. So much joy and love between them the entire time. It was so so awesome and it was honor to be a part of it.

On a Tuesday

I'm feeling pretty anxious about the fact that I haven't been BLOGGING or whatever. I guess it's great that I've been out and actively shooting a ton. No, it is great. I don't guess that. It definitely is great. I love being so busy. I recently got Mondays off from my day job and whoa, having 2 days in a row off felt like being on vacation. IT WAS WILD. I have a couple more weeks at my day job until we move into Pete's parent's house for a couple months before heading off to California. I can't wait.

Anyways, this is Trevor and Sara, two of my fave cuties. 

Best Friends Weekend

Every summer, I head up to Maine with some of the greatest people on the planet, to the house my friend Zack grew up in. Every year the group gets bigger and the weekend just gets better. I feel endlessly lucky to have these people in my life. They are all incredibly smart, talented and motivated people and I'm so inspired by them. There really is nothing better than staying up to watch the sun rise over the lake with some of your best friends. 

Back Bay Fens Rose Garden Engagement Session: Kate and Thomas (and Maeby!)

I met up with Kate and Thomas and their puggle Maeby at the Museum of Fine Art and headed over to The Fens for an evening of gorgeous light and a rose garden that would make the Queen of Hearts jealous. I had no idea this amazing garden existed and stumbled upon it one day while lost, looking for a kickball game. Kate had contacted me about an e-session and we were still trying to figure out location.  As soon as I saw this hidden gem, I emailed her immediately and we set a time to meet up and shoot and I'm so happy we did!

Kate and Thomas are a super interesting couple, with such a sweet dog! Maeby knows all kinds of tricks and was such a good boy for this shoot. Thomas is a doctor and Kate is about to leave her days of coaching water polo to dive into med school herself! I had such a great time shooting with them and I may have to only shoot in this dreeeamy rose garden from now on! That's it! Rose garden or bust!


An enchanting evening in the Arboretum

The way Sheila puts it, her and Mike met when she "looked like a total bag lady". She was mid travel and waiting under a tree with all her things when Mike came by and spotted her. I doubt that any amount of luggage could hide Sheila's big baby blues and the two have pretty much been together ever since! 

They moved up to Mass from Texas. We met up this winter to take some photos in the snow. It was obviously freezing but I had such a great time shooting with them. Since we no longer have 6 feet of snow, I asked if they wanted to meet up again to shoot and they were both totally up for it! Mike and Sheila are so sweet together and we ended up getting the dreamiest light for our session. Sheila's leg was almost chewed off by bugs right at the beginning of our shoot, but she seems to be able to always take a stunning photo, regardless of conditions! Both Mike and Sheila are musicians, so keep your ears peeled for them!