Britt and Chris | Cozy New England In Home Portrait Session

Sometimes your best friend and her husband buy a house and you bribe them with chips to let you take photos of them in it. 

I love these two to the moon and back and am so excited for their house! My room has a huge closet and is a lovely sea foam green. Excited to head back East soon and snug up there :)

Jacky and Chris | Wintery Massachusetts Engagement Shoot

Being a wedding photographer means you're intimately a part of someone's big day and usually by the end of the day I find myself as part of the family. Years ago I shot one of my first weddings for Toni and Kevin and immediately felt like part of their family. Since then I have shot weddings and babies and any big moment for lots of their friends and family and I'm so excited to be doing the same for Jacky and Chris, who I have now photographed as wedding guests and bridal party members! 

 Despite it being absolutely freezing and windy on the day of the shoot, these two were totally up for whatever and let that bitter breeze make them even cuter and snuggier than they already are.

Can't wait for their big day in December!